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A New Book (shop in Alston)

Having just got back home from the second day of the bookshop opening.

We had a great opening day and it was great to see so many people have a look around the bookshop. Thank you everyone ;) We learnt a lot about the area and the shop's history. Please watch Simon's brilliant short history on the Clock Shop, Once Upon a Time Bookshop's previous name, at

Thank you everyone ;)

We are still making updates to the shop as the time goes on (we are still decorating the top floor). The shop is like a Tardis its smaller on the outside then on the inside.

Once Upon a Times Bookshop's opening times are now on the website, the times on the door will be updated tomorrow morning. The opening times will changing throughout the year due to the weather and seasons but we will always tell you all when these change in the future.

The first true window display is now up in the shop. BOO! We love all things Halloween and things will be added decorative to the window and the throughout the shop. We have a number of books on the subject of Halloween of all ages available in stock.

Coming soon is the second window. We are looking for items from the First World War in remembrance of the War, on the battlefield and at home. Has it is 100 years from 1918 and the end of the war. We want to say Thank You to the fallen, the injured, and the home front. Men and Women and the animals that were on both sides of the war. If you do have items related to the war please fill free to contract us or pop into the shop. Thank you. We are in the process of planning the window and have many ideas. We will have more information on the window later.

More LATER (Off to re-watch tonight's Doctor Who which is amazing by the way)

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