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Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to 2021

2020 will go down in history as one of the worst and 2021 looks like a continuation. As I type as we are back in national lock-down for the third time and we are all having to work from home again. You are able to support the bookshop via our online store and we are still able to take orders.

Do You use Amazon to buy your Books?

If you do, I will not lecture you on how bad Amazon is to its workers. BUT if you want to support your local bookshop when you buy your books online than you will love

Set up originally in USA it is now available in the UK. In using our affiliate link you will be supporting our business and other bookshops around the UK.

Affiliate Link

Support local publishers

Over the last couple of years we have enjoyed working with our many brilliant authors, historians and poets and we will continue to support them and their publishers.

Small local publishers:

Inky Lab Press -

Handstand Press -

Wagtail Press -

And many more.... We hope to support more local publishers and authors in the near future.

The Future of the Bookshop

We hope to be open again in person as soon as we are able to.

(No hard plans) but we are hoping to move into a new space to bring a easier and better shopping experience to all of our customers. As many of you know we currently have two staircases that some have issues going up and down and this new space as a easier staircase and space for possible adding help for disable customers. I will have more information on this in the near future when I know more and the space is further along.

But we are still in the Old Clock shop for the time being and adding more items onto the online shop.

Support and buy local

It is important that we as a community support and use our local businesses. In Alston area we some amazing shops and local businesses that need your support over the next year to survive.

Shop Local and stay safe as we do not know how long this situation is going to least and many have online shopping available. And it is safer to shop in your local town then travelling to a larger town with more cases to go shopping.

For a list of local businesses and shops:

Bye for now and happy New Year I hope 2021 is better than 2020 for everyone.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Wear a Mask.

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