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Synopsis From the blurb:

Hi! I'm Malachi; an ordinary nine year old boy, living in an ordinary family, with a story to tell. This 'little book' is about my experience of living with red-green colour blindness. This book writes touchingly about the difficulties Malachi faces, because he is colour blind, how he overcomes them, and ways people can help him and others like him. The book presents facts about colour blindness in an understandable way, with life experiences intertwined throughout. Typeset in Malachi's own handwriting, with clear headings and an engaging design.

About the author

Malachi is a 9-year-old boy who has used his gift of writing to publish his first book. His big loves in life are drawing, hiking up mountains with his Dad, football and playing imaginary games in his garden and with friends. Living in the beautiful countryside of Weardale, in County Durham, he is often out looking for new adventures.


“What a brilliant book! Malachi has created a fantastic resource that not only helps children and adults understand more about what colour blindness is, but also provides incredibly useful tips on how to ensure children who are colour blind are fully included. This book needs to be in every school!" Georgina Durrant - Author of ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play’, founder of The SEN Resources Blog and private tutor for children with SEN. “I have to say that I loved reading through it and found it entertaining, informative and useful. As such, I am sure that it would be of interest to others too.” Michael Surr - Nasen Head of Education and Editor of Nasen Connect.

Price: £4.99 ISBN: 9781527291485 BIC 2:1: Personal and social issues: disability and special needs (YXK), Teaching of specific persons with special educational needs (JNS), Coping with personal problems (VFJ) Format: Paperback A5: 210x418mm Pages: 24 Word count: 3033 Illustrations: Typeset in handwritten font with 3 black and white 'doodle' illustrations, 1 diagram and 6 coloured images. Living in: County Durham UK


Colour blindness and me by Malachi Sawyer

SKU: 9781527291485