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Torchwood: Consequences - Torchwood (Hardback)

Andrew Cartmel (author), David Llewellyn (author), James Moran (author), Joseph Lidster (author), Sarah Pinborough (author)

Saving the planet, watching over the Rift, preparing the human race for the twenty-first century... Torchwood has been keeping Cardiff safe since the late 1800s. Small teams of heroes, working 24/7, encountering and containing the alien, the bizarre and the inexplicable. But Torchwood do not always see the effects of their actions. What links the Rules and Regulations for replacing a Torchwood leader to the destruction of a supermarket? How does a witness to an alien's reprisals against Torchwood become caught up in a night of terror in a university library? And why should Gwen and Ianto's actions at a local publisher's affect Torchwood more than a century earlier? For Torchwood, the past will always catch up with them. And sometimes the future will catch up with the past... Featuring sci-fi stories by writers for the hit Torchwood series created by Russell T Davies for BBC Television, including James Moran and Joseph Lidster, plus Andrew Cartmel, Sarah Pinborough and David Llewellyn.

Publisher: Ebury Publishing 
ISBN: 9781846077845 
Number of pages: 256 
Weight: 327 g 
Dimensions: 204 x 135 x 26 mm

Torchwood: Consequences - Torchwood

SKU: 9781846077845