The fantastic Shapeshifter series continues with Dax and his friends settling into their new secret hideaway in the Lake District. The whole place has been fortified so that the Children of Limitless Ability won't ever be under threat again. After dodging death once too often for his liking, Dax is looking forward to a quieter time - building a tree house in the grounds and shifting to a fox or a falcon and exploring the countryside. But all is not well in the spirit world - strange messages are coming through and Dax, Gideon, Lisa and Mia must once again join forces. Could the messages be coming from Luke and Catherine, Gideon's dead brother and sister? Perhaps they're even still alive? In which case, they have to rescue Luke from Catherine's evil clutches - but is Dax really a match for her?

Publisher: Oxford University Press 
ISBN: 9780192754684 
Number of pages: 368 
Weight: 266 g 
Dimensions: 198 x 128 x 24 mm

Dowsing the Dead: The Shapeshifter 4 (Paperback) Ali Sparkes

SKU: 97801922754684