'I would rather be with my grandfather on the Alp than anywhere on earth!'

When Heidi is sent to live in the Swiss mountains with her bad-tempered old Grandfather, everyone in the village feels sorry for her. What will a little girl do in such an isolated home, and with such a grumpy companion? But Heidi soon discovers a secret: Grandfather isn't nearly as cross as he looks - plus she can play all day in the fields among the bright flowers. But then Heidi is whisked away again to be a companion to a injured girl in the city. She longs for her beautiful mountain home - how will she ever get back again?

BACKSTORY: Find out which character you most resemble and try out some Heidi-inspired activities!

Publisher: Vintage Publishing 
ISBN: 9780099573746 
Number of pages: 336 
Weight: 222 g 
Dimensions: 188 x 129 x 21 mm

Heidi (Paperback) Johanna Spyri

SKU: 9780099573746