One dark and stormy night, Mrs Bear is putting Sam to bed. "Ready now, Sam?" she asks. "Oh no," says Sam. "I'm waiting." So Mrs Bear reads Sam his favourite book. But he still isn't ready. So Mrs Bear tucks the red blanket around Sam and makes him a nest. But he still isn't ready. And he's not even ready after a glass of warm milk. What can Sam be waiting for? His kiss goodnight of course! This cosy, loving story builds up to a delightful climax that every child will love anticipating and re-enacting with their own parent.

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd 
ISBN: 9780744589351 
Number of pages: 32 
Weight: 147 g 
Dimensions: 241 x 239 x 4 mm

Kiss Good Night, Sam (Paperback) Amy Hest (author), Anita Jeram (illustrator)

SKU: 9780744589351