Of Love and Drowning is a commentary on the pre-cariousness of human existence, using a variety of real and imaginary voices to explore childhood, love, despair, aging, death and the reaffirmation of life.


“Christie distills lived experience into evocative and concise language. There is an intimacy in this voice, not overly confessional or intrusive but discreet and restrained, carrying the reader along in poems resonant with layers and undercurrents.”

–Mike Barlow, award-winning author of Living on the Difference and Another Place

“The poems in of love and drowning are rich with longing and grief, vividly alive with an unrelenting awareness of death and desire … a deeply intimate collection – vulnerable, loving, sensual, elegiac.”

–Kristel Thornell, author of Night Street, joint winner of the Australia/Vogel Literary Award 2009

“Evocative, resonant, intimate, vulnerable. These are the words used to describe the poems in Christie’s new book.”

-Chris Clark, The Confederate

“These explorations gravitate toward a more Zen-like perception in that it is the moment itself worth noting. The poem may illuminate itself in the simplicity of task.”

-Tammy Armstrong, Atlantic Books Today

“This is a poet who seems equally connected to, and at home in, the natural and domestic worlds.”

Newfoundland Quarterly

Praise for Christie’s Previous Works:

“Assured and brimming with excellence.”

Newfoundland Quarterly

“It is a book which deepens with re-reading. Christie’s imagination needs no camera to supplement the memorable world he creates.”

Seam Magazine

Of love and Drowning by Antony Christine

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