Dax is starting to get used to his life as a shapeshifter. At last he feels safe and secure, surrounded by people he trusts, and with real friends who understand what he is going through. But then everything changes, and Dax finds himself in danger beyond his wildest dreams. And just when he needs his best friend Gideon to be there for him, Gideon's life changes too. Dramatically. And forever. Now Dax feels more alone than ever. Because he can feel that something is very wrong-but no one will take him seriously. No one else can see the danger that threatens to destroy them all ...

Publisher: Oxford University Press 
ISBN: 9780192754660 
Number of pages: 368 
Weight: 256 g 
Dimensions: 195 x 130 x 26 mm

Running the Risk: the Shapeshifter 2 (Paperback) Ali Sparkes

SKU: 9780192754660