Hilarity reigns in the motion picture comedy-adventure that takes you waaay back to the beginning before Simba’s tale began… and beyond. From their uniquely hysterical perspective, Timon and his windy pal Pumbaa—the greatest unsung heroes of the Savannah—reveal where they came from, how they helped Simba save the Serengeti and what really happened behind the scenes of The Lion King’s biggest events. This essential chapter of The Lion King trilogy features the original all-star voice cast as your favourite characters and music by Elton John and Tim Rice. You will feel the love for every outrageously funny moment

Region: 2 

Age: U 

Bonus Footage: Yes 

Run Time: 73 mins approx

Languages: English / Swedish / Finnish / Icelandic 

Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired / English / Swedish / Finnish / Icelandic / Estonian 

Special 2-Disc Set Walt Disney The Lion King 3 Hakuna Matata

SKU: 5017188812078