Spend Christmas with everyone's favourite Snowman! This special edition comes with a sparkly glitter cover, and introduction by Raymond Briggs.

One winter's night, a snowman comes to life and an unforgettable adventure begins.

It's not Christmas without The Snowman

After a heavy snowfall, a young boy spends a winter's day making his very own Snowman. Little does he know, when he goes to bed that evening something magical will happen...

The Snowman comes to life!

Told entirely through pictures, the boy and the Snowman go on the most extraordinary adventure, flying through the skies on the peaceful winter night.

The beautiful illustrations bring the classic Christmas tale to life, making it and the film it inspired, a Christmas tradition for generations of children.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd 
ISBN: 9780723275534 
Number of pages: 32 
Weight: 210 g 
Dimensions: 280 x 232 x 3 mm

The Snowman - The Snowman (Paperback) Raymond Briggs

SKU: 9780723275534